Zero (B) Zero (C)

Based on methodologies developed for the dar to day of the business, this product enables to create the transversal analytic strategy for each company.

Artificial Intelligence (B) Artificial Intelligence (C)

Solutions based on cognitive tools of MSFT for the processing, understanding and unstructured data analysis of images, videos, audios and texts.

Tirso (B) Tirso (C)

Analytic bot for the automatization of process through the comprehension and response generated by text analysis.

Smart logistic (B) Smart logistic (C)

Predictive model for demand and logistic planification on transportation systems.

Customer (B) Customer (C)

Set of analytic tools to make smart strategic marketing decisions through deep knowledge of the customer.

Sentinel (B) Sentinel (C)

Predictive detector model of alerts for the money laundering (LA/FT) and shifty financial operations.

Empathy (B) Empathy (C)

Service that identifies employees development and abandonment probabilities to develop loyalty construction strategies and variables that prevent employees quitting it’s duties.